How to Lose Weight with Exercises like Boxing

Leading fitness researchers can attest the fact that the key to shedding excess pounds and keeping a lean, athletic frame is maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet while consistently engaging in a host of different cardiovascular exercises. Nonetheless, at times helps to diversify your training regimen with challenging with a new and challenging workout outfit such as boxing. Contrary to prevailing opinion, you don’t have to get into the ring with a vicious opponent for this to work; boxing by itself is an excellent way of burning those extra calories. But how exactly can one maximize on this? The good news is that boxing fitness routines can be found in most major health clubs today, such as Gyms Browns Plains.

Hire a Trainer and Learn how to Punch Correctly

Boxing is without a doubt a highly demanding and grueling sport that is at times related to violence and brutality. Nonetheless, despite these preconceived notions, boxing exercises can help you shed flabs of fat dramatically and easily than most compound exercises. If anything, when boxing, the body undergoes a complete body workout that combines the effectiveness and the fitness benefits of both high-impact training and traditional cardio workouts. The result is a leaner, stronger and leaner frame within a few months of consistent boxing. That being said, it is imperative that you hire a trainer first to take you through the basics of punching correctly without inflicting injury to your wrists while training. This way, you can reap the maximum benefits from boxing without having to predispose your body to avoidable damage.

Hit the Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is one of the essential parts of losing weight and maintaining a healthy basal metabolic index with boxing exercises. And it should be the first thing you ought to do after warming up and wrapping your hands with a good pair of boxing gloves. For beginners, it is advisable to try to complete at least 5 three-minute rounds of punching the heavy bag consistently with just exactly 30 seconds of rest in between set or round. It is important that you spice up your punches with hooks, jabs crosses, and uppercuts in every boxing round. Reason being, every punch, however seemingly ineffective works a given muscle in your torso whose combined results in a physique that promotes effortless weight-loss. Additionally, these boxing movements will enhance and improve your reaction, physical stamina, and coordination. Punching a heavy bag by itself can help you lose weight within less than two or three weeks.

boxing fitness routines

The Speed Bag

Unlike the heavy bag, punching a speed bag is considered more of a boxing exercise staple than a complementary one. Here, both hand-eye coordination and timing are vital for one to perform this exercise correctly, which indirectly implies that you’ll be training for both whenever you’re hitting the speed bag in the gym. Expert boxers recommend that you ought to first hit the bag every other round/rebound to acquire a rhythm. After this, you can increase the frequency of your punches to increase your heart rate which conversely promotes fast weight loss through fat burning. You ought to attempt at least three or four consecutive minutes of punching the speed bag with zero rest time. And while at it try to restrict your rest breaks to less than 20 seconds to maintain this increased heart rate for as long as it is possible.

Boxing is increasingly becoming a useful training sport in promoting fast weight loss. Beginners are advised to hire a gym instructor to guide them through the fundamentals of boxing before attempting anything by themselves.